• Are you fed up with feeling so stressed, even though you’ve tried vacations, distractions, and re-scheduling your endless to-do list?
  • Do you wish you could get some help with major decisions, but you don’t know how to trust your gut feelings and tap into your intuition?
  • Are you frustrated that you can’t shut your mind off and your thoughts keep going around in circles?
  • Are exhaustion and health issues interfering with your work?
  • Do you have to fake it to be nice to your clients because inside you’re screaming, “I just can’t do this anymore!”?

Lisa Dennys is the ‘Workaholic Whisperer’. Lisa has a special interest in helping ambitious, mission-driven professional service entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed and exhausted by their lifelong habit of over-thinking and hard work. They recognize that their declining level of health and well-being is directly affecting the financial bottom line of their business. Burned out by struggling with a lifetime of over-working and over-trying, they are ready to take charge of their life in a new way. Overly busy and disconnected, they learn why they feel stuck and what they need to do.

With Lisa’s compassionate guidance, her clients learn how to break free from the self-punishing attitudes and unfulfilling, over-pushing behavior that has run their life. They learn how to apply new self-care tools to create a healthier, more satisfying life. They develop intuitive wisdom that they can depend on, so they can live a life with less stress and greater peace of mind.

Lisa’s unique approach to well-being blends Western science, Eastern medicine, and intuitive skills. As a Power Coach®, Medical Intuitive, and Intuitive guidance teacher and practitioner, (and previously as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture and an Occupational Therapist), she draws upon her 35 years of varied experience to help her clients.

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Benefits that Lisa’s clients experience are:

  • Understanding  the inter-relationship between stress, hormones and health so you can take control of your health and life
  • Recognizing and shifting beliefs and behaviors to change your perception of how much time you have, improve your concentration, health, mental efficiency, mood, energy level, work output, and save time in the long run
  • Developing proper nutrition and  hydration knowledge and healthier practices to fuel your engine, maximize and regulate your energy level
  • Creating a daily habit of quiet time/meditation/deep body & mind relaxation in order to turn off the stress response, preventing adverse symptoms and disease
  • Developing satisfying, purposeful activity outside of work to break up the overwork cycle and re-create healthier brain chemistry
  • Learning how to reduce over-thinking by building intuitive skills, so important problem-solving and decision-making is done with speed, effectiveness and confidence
  • Developing  a more positive relationship with yourself to prevent illness, let go of ‘shoulds’ and create a more peaceful life
  • Clarifying what you truly value in life and how you can better live that inwardly and outwardly in your day- to -day life
  • Scheduling a realistic weekly timetable that allows space for sleep, rest, relaxation, nutrition, health care and meaningful connection with others
  • Creating ways to identify your mind/body/spirit needs and a healthy plan for meeting them, rather than trying to deny them or shove them aside for ‘later’
  • Improving your communication techniques and setting healthier boundaries for yourself, so your energy stays high and your relationships thrive

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